Storyteller Sam PearsallI have told true stories and tall tales all my life, usually to friends and family.  I retired in 2013 following 35 years as an ecologist working with conservation organizations in Maine, Tennessee, Hawaii, and North Carolina. Whether my story is a true tale or a tall tale, it is based on my own experiences.

Each of my stories typically lasts 5 to 20 minutes, and I can tell for 30-90 minutes, with or without a break.  Between stories, I often talk about how I came to tell stories, why stories are so important to everyone, and what it takes to make a good story.


While I do not charge for my stories, I do not consider them free!  Somehow, the organization for which I am telling needs to benefit.  I count that as my payment.


I try to ensure that the content of my stories is suitable for mature teens and adults.  My stories are not generally appropriate for small children.  Profanity and promiscuity are rare, but they do sometimes happen.

See my Public Storytelling History and listen to a few examples. Connect with me on facebook, just for fun.

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