I will be a featured teller at Front Porch Stories, 7 PM on 26 October at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 301 E Whitaker Mill Rd, Raleigh, NC 27608. Doors Open at 6:30 pm. Admission is one smile per person.

Roadhouse Storytellers

Pittsboro Roadhouse General StoreI am the producer of Roadhouse Storytellers at the renowned Pittsboro Roadhouse on US 64 in downtown Pittsboro. These storytelling shows are at 7 PM on the third Thursdays of odd-numbered months. The storytelling venue includes full meal service and a full bar, so plan to get there before 6:30 to order your dinner and first round of drinks before the stories begin. There is no cover charge. Our storytellers tell edgy, family friendly true tales and tall tales. What a night on the town in Pittsboro, NC!

The next Roadhouse Storytellers will be November 16. That night we will feature librarians telling edgy stories about their experiences as librarians. Since librarians are among my heroes, I’m thrilled to be emceeing this event, and while I am not a librarian, I will have a few anecdotes about the librarians who moved me the most.

nov 16, 2017
Nov 16, 2017
Sept 21, 2017
Sept 21, 2017
Roadhouse Storytellers Gale Buck Eric Bannan Ron Jones Sam Pearsall Cynthia Raxter June 2017
June 8, 2017
Roadhouse Storytellers Pamela Alberda Roger Manus Sarah Beth Nelson Sam Pearsall Judith Valery March 2017
March 30, 2017

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Public Storytelling History

Sam Pearsall Storyteller Sam Stories

  • The Monti Story Slam August 2013 – First Place
  • The Monti Story Slam October 2013 – First Place
  • The Monti November 2013 – Featured Teller
  • The Monti Grand Slam April 2014 – Third Place
  • The Children’s Place fundraiser May 2014 – Featured Teller
  • The Monti July 2014 – Featured Teller
  • The Monti August 2014 – Featured Teller
  • OLLI Storytelling Class – Featured Teller
  • Front Porch Stories July 2015– Featured Teller
  • Front Porch Stories January 2016 – Featured Teller
  • Orange County Living Wage fundraiser – Featured Teller
  • Bad Ass Storytellers July 2016 – Featured Teller
  • Front Porch Stories October 2016 – Featured Teller
  • Pullen Artist Expo October 2016 – Featured Teller
  • The Nature Conservancy Roanoke Celebration November 2016 – Featured Teller
  • Bynum Front Porch November 2016 – Featured Teller
  • Roadhouse Storytellers March 2017 – Producer, Emcee, Featured Teller
  • Stone Soup Storytelling Festival April 2017 – New Voice
  • Bynum Front Porch May 2017 – Featured Teller
  • Roadhouse Storytellers June 2017 – Producer, Emcee, Featured Teller
  • NC Audubon Society Gilbert Pearson Dinner September 2017 – Featured Teller
  • Roadhouse Storytellers September 2017 – Producer, Featured Teller

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