Stone Soup Storytelling Festival, Woodruff, SC ♦ 22 April 2017 11:30 AM

Bynum Front Porch, Bynum, NC  ♦ 13 May 2017 6:30 PM

June 8 from 7 – 9pm ♦ I am emceeing a gathering of storytellers at the renowned Pittsboro Roadhouse on US 64 in downtown Pittsboro. Come early and buy dinner! Arrive by 6:30 to order your dinner and first round of drinks before the stories begin. There is no cover charge (!), but there will be a tip bucket. Our storytellers tell edgy but family friendly, true stories from their own lives.

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Public Storytelling History

Sam Pearsall Storyteller Sam Stories

The Monti Story Slam August 2013 – First Place

The Monti Story Slam October 2013 – First Place

The Monti November 2013 – Featured Teller

The Monti Grand Slam April 2014 – Third Place

The Children’s Place fundraiser May 2014 – Featured Teller

The Monti July 2014 – Featured Teller

The Monti August 2014 – Featured Teller

OLLI Storytelling Class – Featured Teller

Front Porch Stories July 2015– Featured Teller

Front Porch Stories January 2016 – Featured Teller

Orange County Living Wage fundraiser – Featured Teller

Bad Ass Storytellers July 2016 – Featured Teller

Front Porch Stories October 2016 – Featured Teller

Pullen Artist Expo October 2016 – Featured Teller

The Nature Conservancy Roanoke Celebration November 2016 – Featured Teller

Bynum Front Porch November 2016 – Featured Teller

Roadhouse Storytellers March 2017 – Producer, Emcee, Featured Teller

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North Carolina Storytelling Guild
National Storytelling Network