“Mark Twain’s First Triumph”
A Roadhouse Storytellers™ story.

“Search and Rescue”
A Roadhouse Storytellers™ story.

This is the one time in my life that being stupid really paid off!

“Jim and the Mud Ball”
Since I began telling stories in public, I have told this story more often than any other.  It is about my own origins as a storyteller – my roots.

“Gardner Creek Fishing”
All of my stories have the same relationship with truth that Barbecue has with pork.  Without changing its nature, I add heat, smoke and spice.  This one has more truth than you will suspect, but some extra smoke too.  It’s a tall tale.

Bynum Front Porch Stories is one of the events at the Bynum General Store that creates family-friendly programs to keep the community gathering place alive.


“Atlanta Pop Festival”
This story features drug use and a little profanity.  It’s about a weird time in my life, and many people as old as I am will recognize the times. It’s a bit of an odyssey.

“Chicken and Walnut Chili”
My darkest story, this tells about making a big mistake that reveals a dark truth.  But it ends on a light note, and the recipe for my amazing chicken and walnut chili is available. Download PDF here.

The Monti is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to create community through the telling of stories. “We invite ordinary people to tell extraordinary stories.”

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