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I have told true stories and tall tales all my life, usually to friends and family.  I retired in 2013 following 35 years as an ecologist working with conservation organizations in Maine, Tennessee, Hawaii, and North Carolina. Whether my story is a true tale or a tall tale, it is based on my own experiences.

Each of my stories typically lasts 5 to 20 minutes, and I can tell for 30-90 minutes, with or without a break.  I’m  happy to work with you to craft a program of stories best suited for your event and audience.


I try to ensure that the content of my stories is suitable for mature teens and adults.  My stories are not generally appropriate for small children.  Profanity and promiscuity are absent or rare.

I also produce and emcee storytelling events and will be glad to help you organize a storytelling session featuring multiple tellers.

What other storytellers have to say:

“Sam Pearsall really engages audiences with his tales, “both tall and true,” though some are taller or truer than others. Sam’s voice, his humor, and his rhythmic delivery can charm the most distracted audience into story world immersion. He keeps you laughing, thinking, and learning, all at the same time.” Brian Sturm

“I have had the pleasure of listening to Sam Pearsall tell stories on several occasions. His stories are well crafted and his stage presence and delivery are engaging. Sam is able to draw his audience into his entertaining tales and give them a short respite from reality.” Alan Hoal, President, NC Storytelling Guild

“I have told stories with Sam, and I have attended numerous storytelling events produced/hosted by Sam. Sam is a natural at storytelling. He has great stage presence and a poised, confident and engaging style. He understands the importance of timing and draws the audience into his stories – most of them his own original personal stories – from the heartfelt to droll wit and humor.” Ron Jones

“Sam is not your typical storyteller; he is much more. He has a delicious way of making everyday events adventurous and fun and he tells with all of him. Watch his face and hands and you cannot help but become part of the story spinning around you.” E. Gale Buck

“Sam Pearsall’s dry wit and unique outlook on life sneak up on you to make his storytelling an unforgettable listening pleasure. Not afraid to laugh at himself, Sam’s audience always leaves wanting more of his infectious humor.” Linda Goodman

“J.K. Rowling says: “There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” It is so. And Sam’s voice is a magic carpet ride. You’ll want to hold on tight – it’s going to be fun.” Cynthia Raxter

Public Storytelling History

My public storytelling history began in 2013 when, shortly after retiring, I entered the Monti Story Slam in Durham, NC and won twice in a row. This really inspired me to work hard at becoming a good public teller of tales. I was a featured teller at the Monti three times after that and came in third in the Monti Grand Slam in 2014. Since then, I’ve been a regular featured teller at Front Porch Stories in Raleigh and on the Bynum Front Porch in Bynum. I was a New Voice at the Stone Soup Festival in 2017 and 2018 and a featured teller in 2019. In May 2018, I came in second in the Stone Soup Liars Contest and third in the Southeastern Bold-Faced Liars Showdown. I was a featured teller at the 2nd Annual Old North State Storytelling Festival in 2020. I have told at several non-profit organization events, retirement homes, and an assortment of other storytelling events, all for the purpose of making people happier. I plan to continue on this course until I can’t get up the stairs to the stage.

Meanwhile, in March 2017, I founded the Roadhouse Storytellers® at the Pittsboro Roadhouse in Pittsboro, NC. I produced this series on a bimonthly basis for 3 years. I emceed most of the events, and told at most of them. In its first three years, the Roadhouse Storytellers® featured 55 storytellers from NC and neighboring states.

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