Sam Stories

Sam Pearsall, Storyteller


This was the first story I ever told from a public stage, originally at the Monti in Durham, NC, back in 2013.

From the 2nd Annual Old North State Storytelling Festival on November 6, 2020.
This is the only story you will ever encounter about adventures with ammonium dichromate!

Two Roadhouse Storytellers® stories.
There is more truth in these two tall tales than you would ever guess.

A Roadhouse Storytellers® story.
I have really struggled to do justice to Pop in a story. This one comes very close.

A Bynum Front Porch Story.
This is probably the only time being stupid kept me out of jail.

A Bynum Front Porch Story.
Since I began telling stories in public, I have told this story more often than any other.  It is about my own origins as a storyteller – my roots.

Bynum Front Porch Stories is one of the events at the Bynum General Store that creates family-friendly programs to keep the community gathering place alive.

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